Dear colleagues, dear friends!

I am glad to present you the site of International Feline Association – MFA. This nonprofit organization was based in 1994 and unites clubs and catteries of cat fanciers of the former Soviet Union countries. IFA is the international organization, as it unites clubs from Russia, Moldova, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania, Kyrgyz.

MFA invites to cat shows the experts of all officially registered systems and clubs.
MFA has the status of the legal entity and registered in the state register.

The MFA goals are:
  • culture of the cats' keeping
  • cat shows organization
  • pedigree registration
  • Licensing the experts
  • Support new clubs and catteries
  • Edition of the brochures and books, lectures and seminars

The MFA president
Shevchenko Helen
(E-mail: mfa-thebest@yandex.ru)

The MFA president
Shevchenko Helen

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